Church History

Brief History of Calvary Baptist Church of Mexia TX


Calvary Baptist Church began as a mission in early 1926 for the purpose of reaching people in the southern area of our city. An abandoned one-room school building was first used as a meeting place.

The church formed on October 26, 1926 with 34 charter members. Rev. B.T. Goodwin was the first pastor, and served on a part-time basis. God poured out His blessings upon the membership as they shared Christ and visited with the lost and unchurched. Several revivals added other into the fellowship as well, and more space became necessary.

In 1934 the location of the church was moved from the corner of Bonham and Conrad Streets to Travis Street. In 1942, the location was expanded to include the corner of Travis and McKinney Streets. An educational wing and a nursery were added as well. In May of 1957 the present location on S. McKinney was purchased, and in September 1959, the church moved into a new brick two-story building. In 1975, a new educational will was added along with new office space and a chapel. In recent years the church has constructed a fenced playground area, purchased additional land, expanded the kitchen facilities, and has completed many other remodeling and refurbishing efforts throughout the building.

God has truly blessed Calvary Baptist Church! The church membership continues to grow more each year, and is completely free of any indebtedness. We give God the glory for His work in our midst! May we continue to glorify His holy name, as we preach to the world a loving Savior who gave us all on the cross at mount Calvary!


Pastors of Calvary Baptist Church


B.T. Goodwin                       1927

N.B. Moon                            1927-1928

J.E. Gore                               1930

Clyde Ballard                       1931

W.A. Cockrell                       1931


W.A. Cockrell                    1933-1934                                               J.C. Newman                       1934-1935

V.A. Geeo                           1935-1940                                               Dale Moody                         1940-1941

L.L. Richardson                1941-1943                                               J.J. Sloan                              1943-1944

W.H. James                       1944-1948                                               Tom Madden                      1948-1952

Cecil McBeth                     1952-1955                                               Jimmy Hinton                     1955-1960

Bill Morgan                        1960-1964                                               Perry Wallace                     1964-1966

Seth Johnston                   1966-1969                                               Lowell Skaggs                      1969-1972

Roland Spears                   1973-1973                                               Ted Padgett                          1973-1974

Claude Tipps                      1975-1980                                               T.N. Ledbetter                     1981-1986

Rick Smith                          1987-1990                                               Jerry Woods                        1991-1993

James Hooper                    1994-1999                                               Richard Nichols                  1999-2000

Rick Gray                             2001-2010                                               Michael King                      2011-2013

Shane Norcross                  2014-Present